About us?

Actually, it’s about you… So, you want to bring your customers closer to you.
Good call. But how do you do that?

2851 is a social media agency that likes to look at things from a different angle. We focus on integration and alignment. With the right approach, we believe that social media can be a major game changer – bringing your target audience closer to you by aligning mutual expectations and values. We all have goals, we all have targets. At 2851, we help you harness the power of social media to make sure you hit them.


“Actually, it’s about you…”


What we do – and why we do it

In a sentence, we make sure you’re aligned with your customers and appealing (intriguing, even) to your wider target audience, by tailoring a social media strategy and creating bespoke campaigns to add value to your business.

At 2851, we help you align your social media persona with your brand and business goals, by helping you define why you use social media and how it will help you to achieve those goals. As we said, social media can be a major game changer if you harness its power in the right way.

Let’s expand on that…

As we said, through our natural curiosity, relentless drive and open mindedness, we deliver social media campaigns, strategies or training that are perfectly aligned with your company’s culture and goals – helping you make those crucial connections with your audience.

So how do we develop a social media campaign?


Employee Advocacy

A major focus of our business is helping brands engage their employees through social media with the goal of empowering employees into becoming brand advocates. We help clients develop an employee advocacy strategy and program as well as offer software so- lutions to help execute those programs at scale.

Contact us for more insights or for a demo of our employee advocacy software tools.





Why choose us?

It’s not about us; it’s about you and your audience – your current and potential customers.

Our business is to help you succeed by harnessing the power of social media and aligning it with your brand. With our tireless curiosity and drive, we’re dedicated to delivering the most effective and appropriate social media strategy to add value to your business – be it a bespoke campaign or through in-house consultancy.

A measure of our success

We may be a small team, but we play at Champions League level. Over the past decade we’ve enjoyed partnering with a variety of exceptional brands.



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Aegon Pilot Campaign: Pechvogel

Aegon Pilot Campaign: Pechvogel

International Diabetes Federation: WDD 2014

International Diabetes Federation: WDD 2014

Royal DSM

Royal DSM


Watch this space.

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