Your View On 2021: David Harry Stewart

As we set our sights on a (hopefully) more positive year, we’ve taken a slightly different approach to the usual “Trends for the new year” types of article. In this Q&A series – Your View On 2021 – we spoke with a few engaging and bright professionals and entrepreneurs who share their views on 2021. And no, it’s not necessarily about defining trends. The focus is more on sharing positive views, (new) habits, suggestions and what they’re looking forward to in the new year. Cheers to a positive and healthy 2021!

David is the founder and the face of AGEIST. He is a passionate champion of the modern 50+ lifestyle, and a leading authority on the mindset and aspirations that drive this influential demographic. He frequently shares his expertise and insights, and speaking engagements include TEDx, on Redefining Age; MONOCLE Quality of Life Conference in Zurich; Rise and Thrive in Los Angeles; and The AGEIST YBL conference in Los Angeles. Before launching AGEIST, David was an award-winning photographer, specializing in portraits of people. His work for Nike, AT&T, BMW, Gillette amongst others has appeared in GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Wired, Time, The New York Times Magazine and other outlets. A life-long wellness and fitness enthusiast, he loves deadlifts and makes a legendary green smoothie. 

David Harry Stewart, founder of AGEIST

What are you looking forward to in 2021?
Like everyone else, the end of the pandemic and the ability to make plans again; the ability to set a tangible goal we can work towards. The uncertainty at every level creates so much anxiety, has consumed so much brain space, there has been so little left over for other things.

How will/should the media landscape look to adapt in 2021 compared to 2020?
I would assume a continuation of the trends currently in place. Those would be greater emphasis on reliability and trust, while at the same time moving towards more niche and micro-niche audiences.

Can you tell us a bit more about one of your projects we should be on the lookout for in the new year? 
We see ourselves as being in the wellness business. Covid has greatly expanded what sits under the wellness umbrella, and we look to be engaging our people on all of those points, not just the usual health and longevity ones, but a range of others.

Being a media entrepreneur and branding expert for a specific niche, what changes do you foresee for your industry in 2021?
We are now the market-leading authority on an influential consumer segment (modern 50+ lifestyle). I see us hiring more people and expanding our offerings as we come out of the pandemic. I think it will be a very good year for us, and for others who work with this super-powered consumer.

Any recommendations for 2021?
Read science fiction. As the world has shown us by the innovations in the development of the Covid vaccine, it is accelerating at a pace we may have trouble understanding. Expand your imagination of what is possible by reading about things that are not yet here. Our biggest challenge is to grasp geometric change by using our linear thinking brains.

Finally, on a personal level, what type of changes in your habits or approach to work/life balance are you looking to continue into 2021?
Getting back to a gym! I have not been able to lift heavy weights for almost a year, and I really miss it. Give me back my deadlifts!